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I never knew daylight could be so violent. A revelation in the light of day, you can't choose what stays and what fades away.

CONTACT METHOD: AIM (girlwonder004), plurk (batmanschmatman), or PM Dick's journal.
THREAD-JACKING: Totally fine!
FOURTH WALLING / CANON PUNCTURE: Dick already knows basically everything about his future so I totally don't mind castmates talking about it, and he knows about the comics/tv shows/movies. That said, I'm uncomfortable with people telling him really detailed information they know about him from any of those. Please ask first before dropping the I know you're a superhero bomb on him if your character is going to be taking that information from the comics instead of figuring it out from stuff that happened on the Barge, and if we decide it would be fun to have your character recognize him from the comics, please keep it at Dick Grayson = Robin/Nightwing/Batman, not bringing up heyso remember what happened in Nightwing #25 when you and Tim were playing train tag. Really, just talk to me first? I've had some bad experiences with it in the past, and I just like being kept afloat when these things are going to come up. Feel free to say he looks like Bryce Larkin/Neal Caffrey/Henry Hamilton/Cooper Anderson/other Matt Bomer roles your character's familiar with/what have you, and "Aren't you supposed to be Burt Ward or Chris O'Donnell" jokes for those who recognize him from that are totally fine with me.
BACKTAGGING: Definitely! I also tend to get a little distracted/misplace threads, so if there's ever something I've stopped tagging, just nudge me if you want to continue.
AVOIDED TOPICS: I'm pretty uncomfortable when it comes to vampires drinking people's blood, and I'm generally uncomfortable being brought into plots involving sexual assault. If there's a specific reason why you want me/my character in it, just let me know well in advance so we can discuss it before I decide to get involved.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Dick is about 5'10" and very obviously extremely athletic. He isn't as heavily built as Bruce, but he's got serious muscle definition and looks like a professional athlete. He has black hair, blue eyes and naturally pretty tan skin. This is what he looks like. I'm also pretty terrible at describing voice, but I do tend to assume Dick sounds like Matt Bomer since there isn't a canonical voice to fall back on for him. He usually wears some combination of jeans, sneakers, a t-shirt, sweatshirt/black leather jacket/sweater, usually favoring blues, reds and blacks, but does also run around wearing work out clothes pretty frequently. He very, very, very infrequently wears his Nightwing uniform on the Barge, so if you run into him in a thread, he is definitely not wearing it unless I've specifically mentioned he is. It looks a lot more like body armor than tights, and probably looks more like a lighter version of Bruce's Batsuit in the Nolan films than anything else. He probably usually just smells like laundry detergent/deodorant/shampoo unless he's been working out and is therefore sweaty and gross.
DEMEANOR: Dick comes off as being a friendly, normal cop from New Jersey, most days. He seems like he has a pretty casual attitude towards people and is very good about masking his actual intentions/the fact that he's actually going to be sizing up strangers like crazy and filing it all away later, and as such is better at acting like a functioning human being than most of the other Bats are. When shit gets real, you can tell because he's dropped the friendly attitude and is all business. His voice gets a little deeper, he's more forceful and less passive and is definitely bossy. (Basically, he has a Batvoice he'll fall into when shit gets real or when he's really angry, and he sounds a little bit like Bruce.) Basically, if everything is boring and normal, he'll come off as a laid back friendly nice guy, but he'll be more intense and focused when the situation calls for it. People who are very observant would also probably notice that until he gets to know people, he keeps them at arm's length and doesn't seem to make a real effort to talk about himself or where he comes from specifically, sticking to generalities and turning the conversation back on the other person.
ABILITIES: I'm just going to link this. The tl;dr is he's been trained as an acrobat since he was able to walk, and has been practicing intense martial arts, detective skills, stealth, tracking, marksmanship, disguise, intimidation, escapology, and tactical analysis since he was eight, and is considered only a step or so behind Batman, and is actually a better/more natural athlete than he is. He's a natural and very skilled leader, can speak at least ten languages fluently, and is in peak human conditioning. He's also pretty damn smart and often falls back on escrima sticks for armed combat.
MEDICAL INFORMATION: Dick is physically extremely healthy but has an enormous amount of scars from old injuries. Most specifically are a large burn on his chest, a bullet wound to his left shoulder, and another on his right thigh, plus marks from a snake bite on his left ankle and a couple gashes from a velociraptor attack. He also has issues sleeping a normal/healthy amount both out of habituation and probably actual insomnia, and occasionally has pretty upsetting night terrors. While he won't be totally stupid about serious injury, anything he can treat himself, he'll treat himself, and as soon as he's feeling better and able to stay mobile, he'll try to make his escape.
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: Dick is pretty difficult to rattle, but specifically he will get pretty clammed up/uncomfortable if sexual assault is brought up in conversation because of issues involving his own assault a few years ago. He gets kind of pissed if people talk badly about Bruce/imply that there's anything romantic going on between them. And he'll be really defensive of Tim, andddd while this isn't really an offensive subject, if Tim is ever killed by someone on the Barge, he'll probably (try to) kill whoever did it. :V

MENTAL: Ask me first.
MIMICRY: Ask me first.
VIOLENCE: Yes, but I'd like a head's up if it's going to result in serious injury and would probably like to talk over how it's going to go in that Dick is a squishy human who is nevertheless pretty hard to hurt. :c
MAGIC: Ask me first.
OTHER / NOTES: I'm really pretty flexible about most things, I just want to know when something's going to happen so I know what to expect from the thread instead of going WOAH WAIT, WHAT DO YOU MEAN, DICK IS NOW A FROG.