batmanschmatman: (Bird: It's a bird.)
Dick Grayson ([personal profile] batmanschmatman) wrote2012-10-11 05:05 pm

122 [video/spam]

[The audio clicks on first, and there's a grumbled swear before something strikes the communicator once and gets the video going. There's a lovely shot of the ceiling of Dick's apartment before a Steller's Jay pokes his head into view.]

Not that I'm necessarily complaining about being able to fly again, but it sort of feels like we just did this one. [And as fun as it was for the first couple hours last time, he's a little bummed he's missing things like fingers and a normal mouth.]

I guess most of the people who were here then are gone, now, but I still figured I'd turn into a pirate again before I went back to being a bird. Is anyone who was around for the last one a different animal?

[Spam for the Hallways]

[... Alright, when he said he was a little bummed about getting stuck like this again, it is pretty cool to be able to actually fly. So while he's not zipping around the hallways and preforming arcobatics or anything, he's still out and about keeping tabs on everyone else, and making sure there wasn't going to be a repeat performance of one of the big predators trying to eat him.

Which, admittedly, there was less of a chance of, what with Slade being gone, but still. It never hurt to be extremely overprepared.]

[ooc: Dick can communicate with anyone, and feel free to start multiple threads in the spam, I don't have any definitive timeline plans or anything. c: Steller's Jays are about a foot tall, for size reference.]

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