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126 [video]

[Dick's been around for a couple of these disturbances by now, and while he knows it's kind of a mixed bag when you put yourself out here like this for anyone to get a look at, there's really only one person he wants to talk to, and for the first time since Bruce showed up, Dick actually looks happy in a network post.

Really, this should probably be private, but the network connections are unstable enough without hoping filters would work, so he'll take the risk.]

Jim, I know you're around. You better not be avoiding me.
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I would never.
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Quiet. [Meaning fuck paperwork.]
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I've contemplated pushing someone out of an airlock just for something to do.
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I'd give them a suit first.
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I hope you know this is going to happen now.
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I'll keep that in mind.

How have you been?
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[He notices the private, and that speaks volumes :c]

All of them? [Even Bruce?]
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Re: [Private]

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[And you're depressed.]

I can imagine.
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Re: [Private]

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Why wouldn't you want him to graduate?

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Making friends, Master Richard? [Other than murderous ten year olds >.>]
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[This is a little confusing...]
Sir, I only saw you five minutes ago as you left for patrol.

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Time travel, sir?


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[Oh. Oh dear. That stiff upper lip wavers.] You've taken up the master's nocturnal hobby. I'm afraid... he's gone.
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As it tends to, sir. How is Master Timothy? [because Tim's currently MIA looking for Bruce DOES THAT WORK OUT TOO :|]
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[ASDFklh okay he's perking up a little more and coming out of bat hiding for this. B(]

Alfred. Good to see you.

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Likewise, sir. [He is, even if the last time he saw you you were storming out of the cave B(]
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[He was having a bad phase okay B(]

How's home?


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We're well. And you, sir? It seems you're ahead of me in the timeline. [This is confusing for him ok!]

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[It confuses everyone :c]

I am. It's...kind of complicated. But I'm all right.

I'd be better with some of your cookies.
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[ video ]

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[ Well, his name isn't Jim, but he'll be peering at you anyways.

S'up, Dick. You miss him? :V ]