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127 [voice]

[Warden Filter, backdated to after the events of this log]

Rorschach's been brought down to level Zero for attacking Megamind. He'll be down there for the full week.

[Private to Kay]

He should be in the infirmary, but I'm not 100% sure if he got there, I needed to get Rorschach out before things got any worse.

[Private to Bruce]

We need to talk.

[ooc: Replies will be slow since the log hasn't wrapped up yet, but I wanted to get this out there before port started since it's already so far backdated.]
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What about?
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And? [Unfortunately it's all animosity on this side.]
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[This message, despite its nature, comes about an hour later. Someone did some thinking:] Don't waste my time.
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That was your deal?
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You want me to stay away from him.
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[This message as well, comes much later.] No guarantees.
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[He has thought about it. That's the closest Dick will get to an 'I won't interfere'. He switches on audio:] No guarantees.
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[Goddammit GODDAMMIT. He's got to go check on Megamind now.]

When I'm done checking on him, there's something your inmate needs to know. I'm passing it on to you because he's your responsibility.
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[And he comes back later. There's a rustle of paper and then computer keys, because he's pulling up information and running figures.]

Megamind has caused millions of dollars in property damage. He's kidnapped people, particularly those close to his arch nemesis. He's built destructive robot unicorns. He turned Lake Michigan into jello, causing an environmental disaster.

He's never killed a single person. He's traumatized them, frightened them because he thinks that's what he has to. But he's never actually killed anybody. Nor has he wanted to. [Until this damn ship started changing things.]

So you let them know that. They beat up a guy for talking big. He's never killed a single damn person, not even by accident, and that's more than 95% of this boat can say.
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[This comes something like an hour after the message is posted.]

Megamind was -

[This is the shittiest reason to get stood up. :T]

What for? Why?
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[She takes a second to rein herself in and switches filters.]


For what it's worth, Megamind was on his way to my cabin at what I assume to have been the time of the incident and didn't have anything nefarious planned.
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[private text from Zero]

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[It's about an hour after being sent to solitary, and even now it's still how he thinks of it. "Zero" sounds hopeless. Like discarded waste, locked up in the basement to be discarded and left to rot until someone remembers to open the door. "Solitary confinement" he doesn't mind so much. Segregated from the filth to keep them safe; it's cheering, in a way.]

Will talk now. If still looking for an explanation.
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[If Dick is expecting him to have backed down, to be ready to admit he was in the wrong and apologize, he's going to be sorely disappointed. All the wait has done is calm the immediate anger, let him reign in the violent streak lurking under the surface. He glances over to regard his warden for a few moments. Weighing his reaction.

When he does respond, it's Sing Sing all over again. Blank monotone, barely any change in inflection.]

Cursing unnecessary, Richard. Was patrolling. Saw "Megamind," dressed like a costumed villain. Likely on way to commit criminal activities. Stopped to investigate. Interrogated. Refused to provide information or explanation. Attacked instead. Responded as necessary. The Bat intervened.
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Saw costume. No reason to wear it if otherwise.

[Because really. Who dresses like a villain if they AREN'T planning on acting the part?]

And initially evasive. Probable cause for inquiry.
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Know that. But could have been a reason. Ship filled with inmates, Richard. Don't receive designation without cause. All inmates already guilty of something.
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[He crosses his arms and just stares. He's already admitted he harmed a man who hadn't acted yet. That's good enough, as far as he's concerned.]

Didn't attack until issue forced. Only questioned initially.
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Don't need authority to serve justice, Richard. Isn't restricted by permission or responsibility. Didn't have authority in New York either. Not since Keane Act. Some things greater than what's allowed. Should know that already. Given associates. Own proclivities.

He's an inmate. Probably costumed villain, given dress. All the reason I need.
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[He's silent for a few moments, head lowering. It might almost be interpreted as contrition. That hadn't occurred to him. Not the rest of it, the pushing him to escalation, although he would't have considered that either. But that the costume was just that. A costume. Not a sign of bad intentions. He knows kids resort to that. Once a year, becoming the monsters to keep them at bay, or at least that was the original intent. But adults?]

Then why is he here. Why the costume. Acts like villain.
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Shouldn't act like one of them if doesn't want to be treated like them.

[Dryly. So maybe he should have left him alone. Maybe it wasn't the best course of action. But if you act a certain way, he's fairly certain you should have to accept the consequences.

Just look at Captain Carnage.]
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[Not as long as he behaves. :/ ]

Usually people who look like trouble are trouble, Grayson.
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[Grayson. :| ]

And were usually dealt with. No need to handle myself.
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[Private to Dick] [voice]

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'Ello Dickie love. [No, you haven't met yet, Iris is just being Irisian at you.]
I don't know me way round the dungeon dimensions down 'ere yet; they're allowed visitors, right?
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Re: [Private] [voice]

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...Well, so I can visit, lovey. [WELL DUH]
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Re: [Private] [voice]

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Oooh yes, chuck. I were even 'is Mum for a bit while we did the Wonderland thing. There weren't much conversation involved on account of 'e were a warthog at the time, but 'e did make a very fine warthog.
[This is said with real pride, if not without humour.]
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Re: [Private] [voice]

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[There's a pause, and then Iris' softest laugh.]

Anything's possible, lovey, an' no one knows that better'n me. I'll do whatever I can for 'im, but I'm not sure talking 'im out of anything's on the table at this point.
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