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Dick Grayson ([personal profile] batmanschmatman) wrote2012-12-23 11:47 pm

129 [text]

[Private to the Admiral]

I don't really need anything this year, but if you could facilitate me heading out for a few days to say hi to Jim and Shego, I'd really appreciate it.

Get Sara some emergency supplies if we ever end up somewhere where the Witchblade didn't come with or isn't as effective as usual, and a practical utility belt to keep them all in.
Get Dean something to drive around in the CES or something, I know he misses his car.
Get Rorschach some books he'll enjoy that might also help knock him out of some of this "everyone who looks a certain way must fit this stereotypical image I have of them" mindset he's apparently stuck in. Feel free to get creative.
Get Cass some new tea she hasn't tried out before and a book with some fairytales in them. Make sure Cinderella's one of them.
Get Steph some new waffle mix and syrup, preferably interesting flavors she hasn't tried out yet.
Get Babs some materials for projects she can work on to keep busy in the down time we get here, since you know. There's a lot of it.
Get Kon and Clark some emergency supplies in case they're ever depowered in port.
Get Ivy something useful for her plants that can't cause any damage to anyone or anything.
Get Zev some books on CD, anything she'd find interesting, and a CD player to actually listen to them with.
Get Tony a Wayne Enterprises T-Shirt.
Get Steve some history books about modern baseball, preferably from his universe.
Get Leslie some guide books and history books about Gotham, plus something she's been missing from Pawnee.
Get Iris a recent history book from Rorschach's world.
Get Bruce get a decent copy of Crime and Punishment.


[ooc: Pretend this was before port ended. /o\]