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131 [video]

[The feed clicks on to reveal an unfamiliar person - a dark haired man in a suit who smiles at the camera in a friendly way.]

Good afternoon. I'm Special Agent Richard Grayson, [And he's holding up his badge as proof that this isn't some scam.] and my partner - Special Agent Pezzini - and I are looking for someone. He's got brown hair, stands about six foot even high, weighs about two hundred or so pounds and goes by the name Mark Cross.

If anyone's got any information about him, or anything else suspicious going on around here, [Murders, communists, pyramid schemes, aliens.] we'd greatly appreciate any and all cooperation from anyone with more something to say. Thanks for your time.

[ooc: Dick and Sara are basically 60's Mulder and Scully (although for lolz Dick is going to be more like Simpsons Mulder) and will be stumbling upon the true nature of Bargewell, thus prompting Dick to very maturely be like I TOLD YOU SO. Replies will be coming in from [personal profile] anightowl.]
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wow fail

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Define 'suspicious'? We're a pretty calm town overall.

[Or that's what they want to look like anyway.]
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no worriesss <33

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Oh you know, any strange looking new arrivals, an upswing in crime, unexplained vandalism... Heck, I'd take a UFO sighting.

[Subtle, Dick.]
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[A long hum, he tilts his head as if pondering something.]

Maybe it would be better to talk about these things in person. And you'll probably get better results if you ask people one by one, and not to the whole town at once.
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Just trying to get the word out and let people know who to come to if they do have something along those lines to report. With all due respect, I do know how to do my job.
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[A sheepish smile] Right, of course you do. Didn't mean to imply you didn't.

I'm a deputy, so if there's any way I can help I will.
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I sure appreciate that, Mister...?
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Rogers, Clark Rogers. I think I saw your partner around here earlier.
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[Oh hello cop guy. Cop guy with a shiny badge, specifically. Walter is unimpressed with both, although he both wants to share ALL OF THE WEIRDNESS and keep it to himself like a magpie at the same time. Because you are both an Adult and a Cop and so therefore should be able to handle the weirdness in an official capacity...and yet also an Adult and a Cop and so therefore are hugely unequipped and can't be trusted. It's a problem.

So instead you can just have a scowling teenager glaring at you pointedly. Because this always helps things.]

What did he do?
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[Hilariously enough, in terms of adults who would believe everything you're saying, Walter, Dick is pretty high on the list.]

Now, I don't want to alarm you, kid, but he's wanted for a few murders out back east, and we've got good evidence that he was headed here to hide out now that he knows we're on his tail. Have you seen anything suspicious, lately?
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Why here? What makes us so special?

[Sadly most of the things he would share are unsubstantiated and/or gross misinterpretations. He's yet to actually find anything truly weird.]
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[He would still believe you. B(]

That's what we're kinda hung up on, to be honest. By all accounts, it doesn't seem like a great place to hide out.
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It's not. But there's plenty of suspicious stuff.

Who did he murder?
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A few men with mob connections.
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Why? Is he in the mob too?
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What kind of suspicious going ons?
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Anyone unusual hanging around, anyone acting strangely, that kinda thing.
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So if I said I think my - an important figure in our community is an alien who may or may not be planning, I don't know, world domination or something maybe less sinister - would you roll your eyes and wander away?
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Absolutely not. [Dick is basically you in fifteen years, Tim. B(]
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Really? [HE IS SO OKAY WITH THAT] Well - I don't have proof. Just suspicions. And there are people I don't want to put in danger, but...Bargewell's a weird town, sir.
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Don't worry, we're pretty good at being discrete when we need to be. Weird in what way?
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Weird lights glowing in empty rooms, people acting like they're from another planet - sometimes people disappearing.
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You got anything concrete to back any of that up? [His definition of concrete might be blurry photos of UFOs that may or may not have been faked, so.]
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A couple pictures, but it's not proof proof. I mean, anyone could say they were faked, or it's set up, you know? But I seriously think there's something weird going on - with my principal.
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I can't say the name rings a bell, though there a few people that fit that build. I told your partner the same thing earlier.

[Returns the smile.]

The name's Jason Wayne, I'm the sheriff in town. If I come across any information on Mark Cross, I'll be sure to send it your way.
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Thanks a bunch. We'd definitely appreciate any leads we can get.
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Special Agents of who?
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The Federal Bureau of Investigation.
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Is there any description of why he is being hunted by the government?
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I'm not telling you this to start a panic, because he's definitely not dumb enough to try something like this here, but he's wanted for a couple murders back out East.
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Re: video;

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I don't panic.

That sounds dangerous. Though it might be not be bright to come here if you are trying to be invisible.
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That's what we thought, especially given he doesn't seem to have any connections to the area.
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Re: video;

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MIght he have laid you a false trail?
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Nope, we've got fairly solid evidence that he's here.
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Re: video;

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Then good luck, and I hope you find him before he does anything hurtful.