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Dick Grayson ([personal profile] batmanschmatman) wrote2013-02-04 04:05 pm

133 [spam/voice]

[Slightly Backdated Spam for Babs]

[Dick knew, logically, that he had to go home eventually, that Rorschach was right about needing to go back to make sure they really had actually accomplished something, and as much as he understood what everyone was saying and did want to go home, he was still sort of afraid. Which seems really ridiculous, considering, well. Everything, but there it was, and he felt sort of ridiculous telling anyone about it.

Which meant he felt even more ridiculous when he found himself hesitating outside the door to Barbara's cabin, and eventually just gave up and knocked on the door.]

[Public, Present Dated]

I'm going home for a couple days to make sure the Admiral actually followed through on our deal. I don't plan on being gone for too long, but we all know how reliable the Admiral is with this kind of thing, so. Hopefully I'll see you all again in about a week.

[Private to Rorschach]

I know this must seem kind of scary, to be in charge of someone else's well being and everything, but I wasn't kidding when I said I thought you'd be a good warden. I've got a lot of faith that you'll be able to help him, so try not to be too hard on yourself. [And don't fuck it up. :V]

I'll be back soon. I'm asking Tim to keep an eye on Jinks while I'm gone, but if you want to come over to raid the kitchen, try picking the lock instead of breaking down the door, unless you want to just ask the Admiral to fix it after you leave.

[Private to Tim]

Any chance you can check on Jinks for me while I'm gone? I'd bring him with me, but I'm not actually sure where I'm living right now and I don't know how Alfred would feel about needing to pick up after a cat while I apartment hunt.

[ooc: And Dick will be on hiatus checking in on everything back home until about the 11th or 12th! He's in his room if anyone wants to spam him.]

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