Dick Grayson
11 August 2012 @ 12:52 pm
[Dick hasn't wandered too, too far from the ship yet. He's getting his bearings, and it's still early on in port, before it's safe to return to the ship. In the background of the video, you can probably make out some of the wrecked buildings, and while Dick in in civvies, he's got a backpack slung over one shoulder with the Nightwing suit in it.]

Nice of the Admiral to pick another awesome vacation destination to crash the ship for repairs. You'd think there should be an outpost or something we can dock at for a while, rather than just hitting the brakes too hard and ending up here. Wherever... here is. [Have you guys seen the sky? There is no way we're not all coming out of this without some respiratory problems. :|]

I bet we lost people in the landing, too. Obviously we have no idea what this world is actually going to be like, and maybe we'll get lucky and have a quiet weekend for once, but use caution if you're heading out away from the ship, and I think we should do a roll call to see who's missing so we can start thinking about getting them back in one piece.

[Which brings him to the issue that's been nagging at him since port was announced.]

Has anyone seen Tim?

[ooc: Feel free to spam him! He's maybe half a mile out from the ship at this point, and will be doing sneaky Bat things to try and find out more about what happened here. Once the Vanquish start rolling in, he's going to be suiting up and heading off to find Tim and get him out of here, but is otherwise very open for plotting and shenanigans.]
Dick Grayson
31 July 2011 @ 01:58 pm
[Dick's managed to get the communicator on, but since he's definitely not capable of picking it up and carrying it around with him, it's still on his bedside table from the night before the flood started. Although he's a bird and therefore pretty expressionless, Dick is actually pretty excited that he's been able to fly, and if he were human, would be smiling like woah.

He's a Steller's Jay, which is about the size of a Blue Jay, native to the American West and generally a pretty awesome animal.]

You know, I spent a lot of my childhood wondering what it was like to fly. Being an acrobat and skydiving and all that gets you pretty close, but it's just not the same thing. This... This is pretty awesome.

I mean, obviously I'm starting to miss opposable thumbs - [And here he's lifting one foot to show off his lack of fingers.] But this isn't permanent, so might as well enjoy it while we can, right?

[And with that, he's off to do a few swoops around his room, some of which can be seen from the camera. After a moment, realizing he's left the comm on, he swoops back over and adds:] And if someone could look in on Aristotle for me, that would be great. I'm pretty sure I'm not big enough to refill his food dish when I'm like this.

[Spam, backdated to day one of the flood]

[There is a Steller's Jay flying around the Barge, generally enjoying being able to fly, which means a lot of aerial tricks and taking corners way too quickly and swooping and generally making a bit of a scene. He will literally be all over - except warden locked areas, since he's not big enough to carry his item around with him - so feel free to run into him wherever you like.]

[ooc: I believe the plan is for Slade to mock hunt Dick, who will then run screaming head to Tim's room because small birds are like tasty snack food to panthers, but anyone is welcome to encounter him around the Barge. Milbury, if you want to spam him after he gets there with David, I'm totally down. :D]
Dick Grayson
22 May 2011 @ 08:29 pm
I think everything that needs to get said about the breach has been pretty well covered, and while I'm not really complaining about getting to say I've officially sort of lived through that part of history? I'm definitely not complaining about this not being a once a month thing.

[Not. Addressing. Gun issues. >>;]

[Friends Filter - if you think you're on it, you're on it.]

How's everyone doing?

[Private to Kon and Molly]

So, do breach marriages count? [Amuuuused.]

[Private to Miss Parker]

I know it wasn't... exactly us, but I'm sorry we didn't get him before he attacked you. Honestly.

If there's anything I can do... let me know?

[Private to Jason]

[After like 9000 revisions being like OH GOD WHAT wait no should I even say anything, you're getting this:]

Jason, I know that wasn't technically us, but I'm... really sorry about what happened. Seriously, you know I'd never -

Are you doing okay?

[Private to Jim; after his conversation with Hoffman]

How do you feel about getting drunk?
Dick Grayson
23 April 2011 @ 04:48 pm
[Dick's already spent a decent amount of time investigating the situation - always be prepared might as well be the Bat motto rather than the Boy Scouts - and the communicator's not all that hard for him to work around. So, instead of fumbling video or accidental audio posts, you get a steady image of him in his room, sitting on one of the couches in the penthouse. He looks somewhere in his late teens - he's actually seventeen, but appears a little older - and is dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans. His left arm is in a sling, but he's handling things just fine one handed.]

Whatever this is, assuming there's a shot I've just swapped places with my counterpart instead of actually just... whatever else could be going on, I would really like to know when I can get back to where I'm supposed to be. Or go back to being the correct age or whatever. I still have some things that need to get taken care of back home.

[Which basically means I need to get my life back on track, because he's just been fired and dropped out of college and tossing this on top of the pile is kind of a bummer, if you can imagine.]

How much does time pass while we're here? Is there a difference, or are we basically moving in real time?

[He looks around the apartment. It's pretty clear that he lives here, but this particular penthouse is unfamiliar to him - Bruce bought it and converted it into a safe house a while after Dick's current timeline. He hasn't investigated the closet and found his Nightwing gear yet, nor has he found Costigan's file - which is safely locked away - but he's been skimming backlogs like crazy.]

And I guess I'm supposed to be making contact with Bill Costigan?

[Private to Bruce]

Why did you call me Batman?
I know you're here.
Assuming you give a damn

[lol no real message for Bruce. :c]
Dick Grayson
08 April 2011 @ 11:14 am
So, I guess this is our shot at getting contacted by people from back home? Kind of nice in theory, but I'd sort of rather just have a phone instead of hoping anyone from back home's listening in on all this.

... Funny thing is? A lot of the people I care about are here already. Or, were here. How's everything going, Wally?
Dick Grayson
19 March 2011 @ 12:56 pm
[Filtered away from known Cobra Agents]

The infirmary's been compromised. If you're in need of medical assistance, contact me or Tim Drake or try to get down to Deck One, we'll get you treatment.

If you've got questions, ask.

[Meaning, start a dialogue so he can figure out if you've been nanomited too. :|]

Notes for Costigan, Steph, Wally, Donny, Chuck, Arthur, Cooper, Hayley and Jason; Spam for Tim )

Notes from Tim to Sylar and Shego )

[ooc: Basically, Dick and Tim have set up a anti Cobra Agent base/makeshift infirmary in Dick's room - which is one of the Wayne penthouses and therefore is pretty spacious - with limited medical supplies and a couple people booked for giving a hand. Feel free to spam hanging out in the room or your character coming down being like HALP MY ARM IS FALLING OFF D: and Tim might be adding some notes to people once Ari gets back from work.

The two Robins are heading off to raid the infirmary and kick some ass at some point, thus wanting some ppls to hold down the fort while they're gone.]
Dick Grayson
24 February 2011 @ 08:05 pm
[So, even despite the fact that this can really only go quasi badly, Dick still sounds pretty happy for someone who's about to leave what looks like a fallout shelter to go running off into the great unknown apparently armed with just a gun. Which, obviously, he's not too stoked about. Bats don't use guns. He's not even complaining about the jumpsuit since let's face it, this is high fashion compared to some of the stuff he's worn over the years.]

So, I'm guessing two days isn't a ton of time to get to wherever it is we're supposed to be going. Anyone else ready to head out?

... And am I the only one who thinks Megaton sounds more like a Transformers knock off then a city?

[ooc: Spam welcome, I think the game plan right now involves Tim and Molly, but I'm sure we can all be flexible. <3]
Dick Grayson
07 February 2011 @ 12:42 pm
[There's a second or two of silence before Dick starts speaking, because he is very consciously trying to stop himself from blurting out "Holy _______" statements and adding Bat to the beginning of nouns, and it is quite the uphill battle, unfortunately. His "superpower" is basically adopting Burt Ward Robin's speech patterns TO THE XTREME. :|]

I'm not feeling great. Anyone needs me, I'm gonna be in my Bat-

... I'll be kind of scarce.

[Filtered to people who know THE BIG SECRET. So basically Tim, Steph, Wally, Costigan, Hayley, Spike, etc. Ask if not sure.]

Holy redundant flood, Admiral, this had better only be for a couple days. I'm starting to talk like the Robin from the BatTV Show character flood again and the Batnovelty's already seriously worn off. How's everyone else holding up?
Dick Grayson
26 January 2011 @ 04:58 pm
[Filtered away from Roman, but otherwise Public.]

Okay, so, a flood turned hostile takeover attempt, another sinister plot, a port... now do you think we'll get a little bit of downtime?

I know people had their issues with port, but seriously, at least for the most part, barring a misadventure here or there, most of us got out pretty unscathed. That's got to be worth something on the scale of boring to traumatic.

... And it was kind of fun, being a cop again. Even if there wasn't exactly much chasing down bad guys involved.

I mean, not that I'm saying "sign me up for a universe transfer", but I guess all I'm trying to say is I'll take what I can get.

[Private to Port Family: Olivia, Wally, Seven, Tim, Shego, Isaac]

Seriously, as far as fake families went, you guys were pretty cool.

[Private to Tim]

Were you ever going to get around to telling me my best friend survived the Crisis?

[Private to Ariadne]

Did you and Jensen get to say your tearful good byes, or are you now parted from your one true love forever?

And hey, I think this port's the first time we've ever gotten to hang out that hasn't been interrupted by the Barge trying to collapse around us or something. Clearly a celebration is in order.

[Private to Bourne]

So... How's your shoulder?
Dick Grayson
20 January 2011 @ 11:33 am
[Dick is wandering around the house, which is a nice, normal looking place. He's particularly focusing on the family photos and any other traces of the people who apparently really live here who happen to look... just like him and some other Barge people. Including apparently Wally. And Tim. Who are both the wrong ages.]

I'm still in the "this could be worse" stage, but not gonna lie, this is pretty freaky. I think I'm a cop. And maybe ten years older.

So, guess we should have a sound off? Who else is totally wigging out a little over this?

... And anyone seen Wally? I think he's [Dear god this is so weird.] my kid.

[Private to Costigan]

You make it off the Barge? You seem to be a popular guest star in some of these pictures. [Meaning it looks like they're both cops. Which is. Fun.]

[ooc: Housemates, neighbors and whoever else are more then welcome to spam. <3]
Dick Grayson
09 January 2011 @ 04:26 pm
[So, Dick's spent the last couple hours of this awesome flood passed out in the infirmary after Bruce Jr. made a deal with Aztec!Eddie. He... kind of collapsed on his way there. Concussions suck.

But, you know what happens to Bats who get sent to the infirmary after getting their asses handed to them? They get bored and try to escape once everything's back to normal. Which is why Dick is currently set up in his room, propped up on his bed with a couple pillows and going to be harassing all of you now that he's conscious enough to do it.

He looks more or less okay, even though he's got a lot of scrapes and bruises that have been for the most part treated. The most prominent is the bandage on his forehead and the pretty colorful bruising on the side of his face where he got whacked with the Maquahuitl, but his hands are also pretty badly bruised after fighting without his gloves for that long. All in all though? He's not really complaining. Better then the alternative, all things considered.

He's also a lot more coherent then he was in Zero, if still kind of tired, so. Small blessings all over the place.]

So, that was tons of fun. [Sarcasm, folks.] What'd I miss while I was out? Anyone else try to take over the Barge?

[He might be internally sulking a little that he blacked out again before he got to try and help out with all the fun stuff.]

[Private to Costigan]

How are you?

[Private to Hayley]

So... where'd you get a taser?

[Private to Chuck]

Was I hallucinating or were you kicking ass and taking names while we were getting the hell out of Zero?

[Private to Tim]

Thanks for making sure I didn't die.
Dick Grayson
08 January 2011 @ 01:21 am
[Dick is a little out of breath and looks a little worked over, although not actually that hurt aside from a gash on his temple. He's ducked behind a wall trying to make the recording as fast as possible before his pursuers catch up to him, which... should be interesting. Thankfully he knows his way around by this point, and you know. He''s good at this kind of thing.]

So I'm on the run. From Aztec warriors. Who are apparently trying to haul me off to Zero. And didn't really take kindly to me saying I wasn't interested.

Just as a head's up to anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of running into them yet, these guys know how to fight and they're - [There's a pause as he takes out another warrior coming down the hallway, knocking him backwards into his fellows before continuing his run down the hallway, still making the recording.]

Pretty damn stubborn. I wouldn't recommend resisting unless you've got a black belt in something. They're definitely not afraid to rough you up a little first.

[Private to Tim]

[Please don't be possessed, please don't be possessed, please don't be possessed...]

Just out of curiosity, how much of your gear do you have on you?

And Wally's been possessed. I'm not sure if he's still got access to the Speed Force, but he implied that he did. Don't try and engage him if you see him.

Oh, and we still need to have that talk.

[Yes. He is being 100% serious.]

[Private to Chuck]

Pretty sure I figured out what the guys with clubs are here for.

[Private to Steph & Hayley]

Are you okay? Where are you?