Dick Grayson
22 July 2012 @ 12:17 pm
[Warden Filter]

Nygma's in Zero, and I'm leaving him down there for the full week. If anyone has any objections, feel free to let me know.

We're still getting the details on exactly what happened, so if anyone has questions, I'll answer them to the best of my ability.

[And edited in after his talk with Kay:] Has anyone noticed Nygma not knowing about stuff going on on the warden filter, but recently being up to speed on what we've been talking about?

[Spam for Kay]

[After dropping Nygma off in Zero, Dick pinged Tim asking for Kay's cabin number and then headed down to talk this out with someone he knew would take it seriously. The whole thing really didn't sit well with Dick, because had this just been a murdering someone who murdered my friend type deal, why was Nygma putting an emphasis on him being demoted for it, when Dick was pretty sure he'd been an inmate since he'd come back. The facts all pointed to it, and while he'd never specifically called him out on it, he'd figured other people had noticed, too.

He knocked on Kay's door and waited for him to answer it.]
Dick Grayson
16 September 2011 @ 08:47 pm
[Private to Martha]

When you've got a moment, I need to talk with you about something.

[Private to Costigan]

Hey. Can we talk? If you're not busy.
Dick Grayson
06 April 2011 @ 10:13 pm
There's nothing more frustrating then having some nagging idea - or a problem or whatever - that you just can't figure out the solution to. And I'm not saying this as a cry for help about the stuff I'm stuck on or anything, or making some comment about life on the good ship Barge right now, and it could easily just be that I haven't gotten more then like, three hours sleep a night in a good week at this point, but there are things I just kind of can't seem to let go of, and I'm starting to feel a little worn out.

So basically, if anyone's got any fun new suggestions for dealing with insomnia while stuck in a pretty contained environment, I'd be happy to hear them.

[Private to Jason]

[He was... very seriously considering not saying anything, but. This is called making an effort. :|]

So I took some Benadryl.

[Private to Howie]

I never really apologized for losing my temper with you the other day, so, I'm sorry I lost my temper over something kind of ridiculous.

[Private to Arthur]

I know this is a potentially extremely stupid question, but do you need anything while you're on babysitting duty?

[Private to Tim]

You're waiting for a train. You don't know where it will take you, but it doesn't matter. Why?

[Private to Costigan]

How's Rex doing?
Dick Grayson
13 February 2011 @ 09:48 pm
[Warden Filter]

So, in light of Amanda's most recent network post, and some of the stuff Hoffman said to me while he was in the infirmary, I think it might be a good idea for someone to go through his room and make sure he doesn't have anything dangerous stored in there that we don't know about. There's some really bad blood between these two, and I'm pretty sure no one but the two of them really wants them to just keep killing each other every week.

I'd be happy to look through Hoffman's room myself, but if anyone's got particularly strong feelings about wanting to help, I wouldn't say no to an extra pair of hands.

And speaking of weapons and all that, does anyone actually know how she got her hands on the knife in the first place? I know she's unassigned, but I thought people were trying to keep an eye on that, all things considered.

[Private to Ariadne]

Did you ever find out where she got the knife?
Dick Grayson
05 February 2011 @ 12:49 am
So, it is a common thing for more people to just vanish when we get closer to the end of the month, or am I just trying to see patterns that aren't really there?

[Private to Will Graham]

You got a second? I've got a couple questions for you.

[Private to Howie]

You busy?