Dick Grayson
27 August 2012 @ 11:34 pm
[Open Spam for the Hallways, Backdated to before the flood ended]

[As messed up as it was, Dick was actually really enjoying this flood. You could spend as much time as you wanted in the gym here, and it still wasn't quite the same as actively running a gauntlet where you risked serious injury and/or death if you weren't fast enough, and he'd run the sims in his danger room facility enough that it wasn't really a challenge anymore.

This was different, and he really needed the distraction for the time being, so instead of staying put and waiting the flood out in his room, he'd been roaming the hallways aimlessly, dodging darts and spears and moving floor tiles and sudden narrow, practically invisible bridges stretched across sudden vast gaps in the floor. It wasn't exactly
normal, but it was something he could do to keep his mind active and not wallow, and it never hurt to brush up on how to not get yourself killed.

At the moment, the hallway he was walking down seemed more or less normal (for the flood, anyway), with well worn bricks that looked vaguely Egyptian, maybe, or at least something that seemed at home in the desert lining the walls and floor. It was dark, and he'd reached into his jacket pocket for a mag light, carefully sweeping the light methodically over the corridor, checking for any traps. There were markings on the floor, and he crouched down to look at them, carefully tracing a finger over one of the characters. Definitely not Egyptian, then. Nothing he recognized, actually, which meant maybe this was some kind of space Egyptians or from another culture or something else entirely, and it was those thoughts that distracted him a little bit as he stood up and carefully continued his way down the hallway.

... Only to have the floor drop out from underneath him. He dropped the flashlight with a surprised shout, and it rolled down the hall and bounced off a corner of brick, illuminating the opposite wall. Dick caught himself before he actually fell, whacking his chin on the floor and grunting a little as he tried to reorient himself. He could pull himself up pretty easily, but he wasn't sure if the rest of the floor was booby trapped or not, and with footsteps coming down around the corner, and a shadow suddenly appearing on the wall the flashlight was lighting up, he figured a head's up to whoever was coming was probably necessary.]

The floor's a little unstable over here. Just a friendly tip.

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