Dick Grayson
23 September 2012 @ 12:12 pm
[Spam for Clint]

[Barton. Barton was the leak in the department. It took everything he had not to just march over to his apartment right after talking with Lensherr and drag him down to the office himself, because he was angry. Really, really damn angry, because he didn't care if Clint was worried about his reputation being sullied. He'd sold the mob information, and two agents were dead. There was a chance - a slim one, but still a chance - that their deaths had nothing to do with what Barton had given them, but until he had proof otherwise, he was going after a guy who'd caused the death of two agents and God knows who else.

He wasn't at the office, surprise surprise. Admittedly, no one else was either, it was too early in the morning for most of the other agents to even consider coming in, and he knew he should probably leave a note or something at least to one of the other agents, but he wanted to do this himself. He'd never been great being a team player when it came down to it, and this was no exception.

Besides, he was less likely to run if it was just his partner approaching him, versus an entire pack of feds.

He finally ran into him downtown, and went to pull him aside, starting to head away through the small crowds that had started to gather so they could go somewhere quiet to talk.]

We need to talk.

[Private to Narvin, dated to after the Spam]

I found your fucking rat.