Dick Grayson
23 February 2011 @ 11:50 pm
[Private to Claire]

We should talk.

[Private to Steph]

Sorry I ran out on you. Everything's under control.

[Private to the Admiral; added after talking to Steph]

I need another set of shatterproof escrima sticks from back home.

[ooc: Posting for timeline's sake, will probably be slow with replies to get stuff worked out between Jr. Bat and his inmate so that we don't have contradictory stuff going on. <3]
Dick Grayson
10 February 2011 @ 02:05 am
For not being necessarily directly involved in what had happened outside of being friends with the victim and having information that - in his mind, anyway - might have been able to stop this from happening if he hadn't been stupid, Dick was not dealing with the current situation on the Barge as well as he could be. While it was true that he wasn't totally out of control or anything, just pretending like everything was fine was getting hard, especially when Costigan was apparently still willing to chat with the guy who'd brutally murdered someone Dick was friends with.

He didn't get what the inmate wanted or what hoping to achieve, and when Costigan had suggested they talk about it not on the network, he had two options. Run off to the CES or the gym or something to try and distract himself from his continued frustration so he wouldn't end up snapping at the inmate, or to just directly go to the inmate's room and hope he could keep himself in control.

Maybe foolishly, he'd decided it was a higher priority to get this conversation over with, so he headed down to the former undercover's room and knocked on the door, pacing slightly as he waited for him to answer it, his hands shoved into his jacket pockets, clearly visibly frustrated and maybe a little anxious. It had been easier when he'd been sparring with Steph, because at least he'd had something to do with his pent up energy.