Dick Grayson
30 December 2012 @ 02:41 pm
[This whole post is backdated to after Slade's arrival post and this fight.]

Just a note for anyone who's missed this memo: people have contacted the Admiral about what happens to people who disappear before. He's said he doesn't control when they vanish any more than we do. I know we don't really have reason to trust his word on stuff like this, but I figured it's something worth hearing.

There have been plenty of tough cases who have graduated and a lot of crappy wardens who have overstayed their welcome, and the Admiral didn't get rid of them. It'd save a lot of time and energy if people could keep that in mind next time anyone starts making accusations that someone got kicked off because the Admiral gave up on them, or thinks they've been doing a lousy job.

[Filtered to the DC Wardens]

Slade's here. He was here before until about a year ago, and he was actually making progress by the time he got booted off the ship. [Sort of. He thinks. Maybe.

It's complicated.]

Try not to piss him off if you don't have to.

[Spam for Dean, after the fight]

[Dick wasn't overly pleased with how this had gone down. Bruce acting like a jackass wasn't anything new or unexpected, in so many ways, and he was an inmate. This sort of behavior was to be expected.

But Dean and Faith were wardens, and it always, always bothered Dick when confrontations between wardens turned into what was basically a playground brawl. They were supposed to be the role models here, and he got that both of them were upset, but calling names and intentionally looking to piss the other off was ridiculous. He might side more with Dean because he was his friend, and he didn't particularly like Faith, but they were both definitely in the wrong here.

He turned to Dean after the other two had left, expression and voice still level and serious rather than angry, and gestured for the other man to show him his injured arm.]

Let me see.
Dick Grayson
15 June 2012 @ 02:46 pm
[Dick switches on the video feed and smiles a little awkwardly at the camera. He's not really one for video blogging or anything, and addressing a boat load of strangers about whatever the hell's happening feels weird. He's wearing a blue Gotham City Police Department uniform, and is sitting in Dick's room on the Barge - one of the penthouse apartments the Bats use as a safehouse.]

For anyone I haven't spoken with yet, my name's Officer Dick Grayson, and I'm with the Gotham City PD. I get that we haven't been kidnapped and we're going to be heading home in a while, but if anyone needs a hand as long as we're here for, I'd be happy to help out. [Basically, Dick is an eager rookie cop who was never adopted by Bruce after his parents were murdered. :c]

How many other people have found stuff that looks like it should belong to them, but... doesn't? Like, this is definitely not my apartment- [Which is said in a way that conveys he'd never be able to afford it and feels like he's dirtying the place up just by sitting on the couch.] And I feel like I would have remembered getting my picture taken with Bruce Wayne. [He holds up a picture of himself and Bruce for people to see what he's talking about before putting it down again and sort of clearing his throat.]

Anyway. I was just curious.
Dick Grayson
03 February 2012 @ 06:18 pm
[Warden Filter]

Alright, as we're all very well aware at this point, people seem to get kidnapped here a lot. And obviously we can't prepare for everything - believe me, if you'd have told me I was going to get bit by a rattlesnake on board the ship a couple weeks ago, I would have said you were nuts - but it never hurts to know a couple things just in case you get pounced in the gym and end up being held hostage for a couple hours.

So, that said, I'm going to be holding self defense classes, either in the gym or the CES, every day of the week, floods, ports and other natural disasters permitting. Mostly basic stuff, like how to get out of a choke hold and how to incapacitate someone quickly if they come up from behind you, and if people are interested in going a step farther and covering some more complicated stuff, I'd be up for that, too.

For the record, I'm not teaching you how to kill people, just how to hold your own in a fight and incapacitate anyone with plans to make off with your unconscious body. And if you have an inmate you want to get training too, let me know and they're more than welcome to come. I just figured this shouldn't be a totally open invite if anyone's concerned someone's going to use this stuff on them the next time someone cooks up a 'I want to take over the Barge' scheme.

Somewhat relatedly, if anyone just wants to go spar and/or brush up on some technique, I'm always up for that. I've got a background in just about everything, weapon based or not, although if anyone's got a basis in something like eskrima or whatever kind of stick fighting is normal where you're from, I have to admit I'm partial to it.

[Warden Cop Filter - George, Carla, Angua, did I forget anyone?]

So, back when Howie was here - you remember, George - he said he and the other warden cops used to have "Friday night pints". I don't really drink, but it might be kind of fun to start that up again, swap some stories... Would you all be interested in giving it a shot after dinner tonight? Or next week, if someone's got plans?

[Private to Rorschach]

Do you want to go up to the CES with me? [No ulterior motive here at all. Why would you ever suggest that. >>]

[Private to Jim]

So Tim got me a paintball set for Christmas. Want to go try it out? [This seems safer than you shooting a phaser at him and trying to dodge it. :x]
Dick Grayson
13 December 2011 @ 12:09 am
[Private to Carla]

We should talk. Are you still in the infirmary?

[Private to Tim]

So. Some familiar faces are back. [How are you doing. :V]
Dick Grayson
06 December 2011 @ 07:44 pm
So, it's officially a year since I first signed on to this place. I kind of wish I could come up with something insightful to say, but considering people's reactions to that sort of stuff, maybe it's safer just to pass.

[Private to Tim]

How easy would it be to talk you into a snowball fight?

[Private to Shego]

What's your schedule look like for today, out of curiosity?
Dick Grayson
28 September 2011 @ 11:45 pm
[Filtered to the Marquis, Lupin and Capa]

I just broke up a fight in the inmate showers between Rex, Iago and Hoffman. Rex is saying Hoffman cornered him, and Iago stepped in to protect him. Hoffman's saying Rex threw the first punch- [His tone is pretty clearly saying he's notttt sure this is true.] And I wouldn't be shocked if Rex has a concussion. Maybe Hoffman too.

[Private to Lupin]

When I came in, Hoffman was saying to Iago that he was going to rip Rex's head off because he'd called him a rapist.

[Private to Iago and Rex]

How are you?
Dick Grayson
11 September 2011 @ 03:53 pm
Sometimes, I really miss being a cop. Every day was a little different, but you still always had a routine and something to do, and even if it was just doing paperwork, you'd never complain about needing something to work on. Especially not in Bludhaven. And I know it probably sounds naive to some of you, but you could really see the impact you were having on the community, there. Once the department started getting on the right track again, people weren't as afraid to go out at night. It wasn't as much of a warzone run by the mob, at least, not like what it used to be. We were really making a difference, for a while.

I'm not sure I could ever go back to it. Starting over again in a new city doesn't really appeal to me, and so much happened between when I started and when I first got here, on the Barge, that I'm just not sure it's an option. But I still miss it.

[Private to Jim]

Thanks for letting me borrow your couch.

[Private to Summer]

So, settling in okay?
Dick Grayson
13 February 2011 @ 09:48 pm
[Warden Filter]

So, in light of Amanda's most recent network post, and some of the stuff Hoffman said to me while he was in the infirmary, I think it might be a good idea for someone to go through his room and make sure he doesn't have anything dangerous stored in there that we don't know about. There's some really bad blood between these two, and I'm pretty sure no one but the two of them really wants them to just keep killing each other every week.

I'd be happy to look through Hoffman's room myself, but if anyone's got particularly strong feelings about wanting to help, I wouldn't say no to an extra pair of hands.

And speaking of weapons and all that, does anyone actually know how she got her hands on the knife in the first place? I know she's unassigned, but I thought people were trying to keep an eye on that, all things considered.

[Private to Ariadne]

Did you ever find out where she got the knife?
Dick Grayson
26 January 2011 @ 04:58 pm
[Filtered away from Roman, but otherwise Public.]

Okay, so, a flood turned hostile takeover attempt, another sinister plot, a port... now do you think we'll get a little bit of downtime?

I know people had their issues with port, but seriously, at least for the most part, barring a misadventure here or there, most of us got out pretty unscathed. That's got to be worth something on the scale of boring to traumatic.

... And it was kind of fun, being a cop again. Even if there wasn't exactly much chasing down bad guys involved.

I mean, not that I'm saying "sign me up for a universe transfer", but I guess all I'm trying to say is I'll take what I can get.

[Private to Port Family: Olivia, Wally, Seven, Tim, Shego, Isaac]

Seriously, as far as fake families went, you guys were pretty cool.

[Private to Tim]

Were you ever going to get around to telling me my best friend survived the Crisis?

[Private to Ariadne]

Did you and Jensen get to say your tearful good byes, or are you now parted from your one true love forever?

And hey, I think this port's the first time we've ever gotten to hang out that hasn't been interrupted by the Barge trying to collapse around us or something. Clearly a celebration is in order.

[Private to Bourne]

So... How's your shoulder?
Dick Grayson
20 January 2011 @ 11:33 am
[Dick is wandering around the house, which is a nice, normal looking place. He's particularly focusing on the family photos and any other traces of the people who apparently really live here who happen to look... just like him and some other Barge people. Including apparently Wally. And Tim. Who are both the wrong ages.]

I'm still in the "this could be worse" stage, but not gonna lie, this is pretty freaky. I think I'm a cop. And maybe ten years older.

So, guess we should have a sound off? Who else is totally wigging out a little over this?

... And anyone seen Wally? I think he's [Dear god this is so weird.] my kid.

[Private to Costigan]

You make it off the Barge? You seem to be a popular guest star in some of these pictures. [Meaning it looks like they're both cops. Which is. Fun.]

[ooc: Housemates, neighbors and whoever else are more then welcome to spam. <3]