Dick Grayson
28 September 2011 @ 11:45 pm
[Filtered to the Marquis, Lupin and Capa]

I just broke up a fight in the inmate showers between Rex, Iago and Hoffman. Rex is saying Hoffman cornered him, and Iago stepped in to protect him. Hoffman's saying Rex threw the first punch- [His tone is pretty clearly saying he's notttt sure this is true.] And I wouldn't be shocked if Rex has a concussion. Maybe Hoffman too.

[Private to Lupin]

When I came in, Hoffman was saying to Iago that he was going to rip Rex's head off because he'd called him a rapist.

[Private to Iago and Rex]

How are you?
Dick Grayson
19 March 2011 @ 12:56 pm
[Filtered away from known Cobra Agents]

The infirmary's been compromised. If you're in need of medical assistance, contact me or Tim Drake or try to get down to Deck One, we'll get you treatment.

If you've got questions, ask.

[Meaning, start a dialogue so he can figure out if you've been nanomited too. :|]

Notes for Costigan, Steph, Wally, Donny, Chuck, Arthur, Cooper, Hayley and Jason; Spam for Tim )

Notes from Tim to Sylar and Shego )

[ooc: Basically, Dick and Tim have set up a anti Cobra Agent base/makeshift infirmary in Dick's room - which is one of the Wayne penthouses and therefore is pretty spacious - with limited medical supplies and a couple people booked for giving a hand. Feel free to spam hanging out in the room or your character coming down being like HALP MY ARM IS FALLING OFF D: and Tim might be adding some notes to people once Ari gets back from work.

The two Robins are heading off to raid the infirmary and kick some ass at some point, thus wanting some ppls to hold down the fort while they're gone.]