Dick Grayson
12 May 2012 @ 11:51 am
Well guys, I guess we'd better get comfortable. And hope the trees don't take out a powerline, am I right?

Before anyone freaks out, don't worry, I'm knocking on wood and everything. [And look, that's exactly what he's doing. On his table. So don't freak.]

I vote we come up with some fun ways to pass the time. I mean, who knows how long we're going to be stuck here, and we can only run lines for so long, right? Like a talent show, or a screening of some movies or something. Or a board game. Not Monopoly, though, I figure there's enough tensions here on a good day without adding in an eight hour game of slowly trying to bankrupt each other, which I'm sure will just end in hurt feelings, flipped over tables and tears. [There is no other way for Monopoly to end, you know it's true. :|]

Maybe you've heard, [Because he talks about it kind of a lot when there's opportunity to. Which is always.] But back home, Logan and I were pretty famous for our dueling Simon Le Bon impressions. I'm sure we could contribute that, to whatever people want to do for fun around here. Right, Logan?

[ooc: Dick is Matt Anderson, who is originally from Crapsack Middle of Nowhere, Ohio, and had his big break a couple years ago by playing the plucky sidekick in an Indiana Jones-esque action movie which did pretty well financially. He's been in a couple other Michael Bayish movies since then as minor/supporting characters, but he is not half as famous or important as he makes himself out to be. He's been harassing Logan to revisit the good ol' days of doing song and dance routines in their backyard for basically a year and a half, and will be legitimately trying to bully him into doing this until the breach ends.]