Dick Grayson
14 February 2013 @ 10:39 pm

[The feed clicks on to show a woman with orange skin, lots of red hair, and pupil-less green eyes, wearing not very comfortable looking purple armor, but she certainly pulls it off. Jinks is sitting next to her on Dick's couch, looking more or less content with his new friend, who scratches his ears distractedly before she says anything. She looks a little pensive, because she's been sort of turning this situation over in her mind for a while before saying anything about it or making a judgment.]

I don't like prison ships, or prisons much in general, and I certainly know better than to trust someone who makes extraordinary promises unless I'm given good reason to.

But, [And her expression softens, gets more fond.] Dick seems to think you're trying to do good work here, and it certainly sounds as if he's accomplished something incredible with the help of your "Admiral", so I wish you all well in what you hope to achieve. Redemption is, after all, a noble goal to reach for.

[And with that more serious statement out of the way, she manages an actual smile.]

My name is Koriand'r, but feel free to shorten it to Kory. It seems there are quite a few people I'm already acquainted with on board, but I'm pleased to meet the rest of you. [And the friendly smile gets a little more wry, because lol Dick are you turning into the male version of a crazy cat lady.] And I'd be very interested to know when, exactly, Dick decided to get a cat.