Dick Grayson
19 May 2011 @ 12:22 pm
[Dick's pretty pleased with how things went down, but when he turns on the video feed, he's once again purely professional rather than omfg excited that they finally caught Rogers. That can wait until Rogers has been hanged.]

As of last night, former marshal and wanted murderer Henry Rogers, a.k.a. Marshal Thornbury, a.k.a. Mark Hoffman, James Muldoon, Frank Bisner and a list of other aliases about as long as my arm, has been caught and detained by myself, Marshal Kirk and Deputy Sheriff Grayson. He's currently under heavy guard awaiting transport back to Kentucky, where he will hang for the murder of a judge and another federal marshal.

Rest assured that he will also pay for his other crimes, including the murder of Miss Mercy Parker yesterday afternoon. I assume funeral services will be held in her honor, and I deeply regret that we were unable to stop Rogers before he committed this truly heinous act.

[Filtered to Town Doctors; backdated to last night]

I know it's late, but we've got two injured men here and - [There's some fairly indignant grumbling from someone who sounds a lot like Tim off camera that he's not injured and Dick needs to stop being such a mother, which Dick is totally ignoring and speaking over.] Two injured men here who need to be treated as soon as you're able, and I'm afraid neither Marshal Kirk nor myself know much in the way of medicine.

[There's some continued protesting which Dick finally turns and addresses before shutting the feed off.] Tim, you're letting a doctor look at that or so help me, I'm telling Pa about that time when you - [Click!]

[Private to Sheriff Prefect]

Thanks again for letting us keep him in the jail here for a while. We'll be out of your hair soon.

And so you're aware, Tim conducted himself with real grit and valor throughout the whole ordeal. You're lucky to have a man of his caliber as one of your deputies.

[Private to Eddie Russett]

How's that for a statement, Mr. Russett?
Dick Grayson
17 May 2011 @ 06:16 pm
[Dick looks maybe a couple years older than his Barge counterpart - probably somewhere between twenty four and twenty seven - although he still speaks with a clearly Yankee accent, and looks pretty clean cut and dorky organized for someone who just rode into town.

But Marshal Grayson does his job and does it well, so he cuts right down to business without much preamble.]

I'm Marshal Richard Grayson. My partner, Jim Kirk, and I are in town after a wanted murderer by the name of Henry Rogers.

This man - [And here he holds up a flyer with a rough approximation of Hoffman's Western identity, although noticeably lacking some scars and his mustache, so there's not a lot of resemblance] is a former U.S. Marshal like myself and Marshal Kirk. He's wanted for the murders of several men from here to Houston, including a judge, and it's our job to bring him back in.

He's extremely dangerous, and he's not afraid to hurt anyone who gets in his way. Anyone found to be harboring the fugitive will answer to the law, and be similarly brought to justice.

[He puts the flyer away, and finally manages a smile.]

On a less serious note, am I right in remembering Tim Grayson and Bruce Wayne are still employed with the sheriff's office in this town?

[ooc: Dick is Tim's biological sibling, Bruce's adopted kid, and has been a Marshal for three years. He served with the Union during the war (with Kirk), but the two were pulled out of the service for the marshals by Christopher Pike. Ramen doesn't want anyone immediately putting two and two together about Hoffman, so please don't have your character go HEY I KNOW THAT GUY just yet.

Feel free to spam him around town! If there's somewhere you want him to be, I can come up with a reason for him being there! c:]