Dick Grayson
26 December 2011 @ 04:57 pm
[Dick clicks on the camera, and he, too, is proudly wearing a new red and green Christmas sweater. He's also considerably shorter and younger looking than usual, but does not seem all that confused or bothered by what's going on.]

Tim, this is so cool, you have to come see this! [He holds up two Batman action figures, complete with awesome grappling hook accessories and things to play fight with because action figures are excellent like that. One is of Bruce as Batman and the other - little does Dick actually know - is the uniform he'll be wearing as Batman, which is subtly different from what he's used to Bruce wearing.]

I didn't even know they made stuff like this! [Or if they did, it wasn't really accurate, since the Gotham vigilantes tend to stay out of the limelight and therefore usually any "Batman" stuff produced was kind of majorly lacking compared to this stuff.]

I don't know why there are two Batmans, though. I mean, the costume's a little different on this one, but it doesn't look like what he wears. [Added quickly:] I think. [Since he's never seen Batman before right. :V]

... Hey, Rorschach are you okay? Let me know where you are. [And if you're affected. :c

Jim, do you still have your action figures? [Don't judge me I might kind of want to play with them. :c]

And for anyone who's not sure where you are, everything's going to be fine. If you need anything, let someone know and one of us will help you, I promise.

[ooc: Dick is going to be basically acting like his fourteen year old self, but remembers the Barge and knows there's a flood going on and he's affected. Despite the icons, he is not dressed in the Robin suit, I just love the art from Year One and had to use them instead of pb icons. :c]
Dick Grayson
12 June 2011 @ 10:34 pm
I don't know what that was - some alternate universe, some TV show gone horribly wrong, I don't know and I don't really care [Which is a big lie, he does care, especially if it's some actual counterpart out there in the multiverse who's growing up with a Batman like that.] - but it wasn't like that. I wasn't kidnapped by anyone, let alone Batman, and my parents weren't shot, they... they fell. I was eight when it happened, not twelve.

Bruce didn't abuse me, he didn't make me eat rats, he gave me a stable environment and that kid didn't have that. That kid thought he was a warden here. He had memories of being here for six months, and he was happy here and didn't want to go home. And he knew I existed, because of the other people from my universe being here, and he kind of... resented me, because I had what he didn't and I was from the "right" universe. It's like... being expected to be just like your dad or older brother when you grow up, only worse because it's a version of you.

And yeah, it was just a flood so maybe it didn't mean anything, but now I'm back and that kid...

Dammit. [And he kills the feed. This is turning out to be way too much to process right now.]

[Private to Jason]

Thanks. For looking out for me. Him.
Dick Grayson
28 March 2011 @ 09:39 am
[After some impressive fumbling and a couple seconds of audio and video that was pretty clearly accidental, you get a shot of a pretty freaked out Dick, who is eight years old and from only about four weeks or so from after his parents were killed. He's in his room, sitting on the floor, and sort of but not really curled in on himself a little while trying to look somewhat impressively brave.

He's kind of failing at it.]

Mr. Wayne? Alfred?

... I don't know where I am. Does anyone know how to get back to Gotham? Or just... Does anyone know how to call the police? Who kidnapped us?

[He looks around the room, not really seeming to care that the communicator is still broadcasting and stares bug eyed at something off screen for a few seconds before mumbling:]

Where am I? Is anyone gonna -

[He cuts himself off, biting his lip before turning the feed off.]