Dick Grayson
07 February 2011 @ 12:42 pm
[There's a second or two of silence before Dick starts speaking, because he is very consciously trying to stop himself from blurting out "Holy _______" statements and adding Bat to the beginning of nouns, and it is quite the uphill battle, unfortunately. His "superpower" is basically adopting Burt Ward Robin's speech patterns TO THE XTREME. :|]

I'm not feeling great. Anyone needs me, I'm gonna be in my Bat-

... I'll be kind of scarce.

[Filtered to people who know THE BIG SECRET. So basically Tim, Steph, Wally, Costigan, Hayley, Spike, etc. Ask if not sure.]

Holy redundant flood, Admiral, this had better only be for a couple days. I'm starting to talk like the Robin from the BatTV Show character flood again and the Batnovelty's already seriously worn off. How's everyone else holding up?
Dick Grayson
15 December 2010 @ 09:08 pm
As far as first ports go, I guess I got pretty lucky. Barring the occasional road bump that was actually kind of fun, and Dr. Horrible's right: Christmas here really isn't that bad at all. Sure, the snow storm was kinda a bummer, and I'm definitely going to be avoiding the mistletoe, but hey. It could be a whole lot worse.

And not that I'm complaining, but is it normal to have so many people from back home around here? I didn't really expect to see anyone I knew right off the bat and suddenly it's like a mini high school reunion.

[Private to Spike and Hayley]

So, what do you know about The Flash?

[Private to Steph]

Here's hoping your port ended on a more positive note then mine did.

[Private to Costigan]

So I guess reintroductions are in order.