Dick Grayson
07 December 2011 @ 03:12 pm
[The feed clicks on just as the communicator clatters to the floor, quickly followed by loud, very excited dog barking, so have a nice shot of the ceiling of Dick's room. Aristotle is busy jumping all over Dick's flood counterpart, who you can probably hear trying to get him to calm down, in English and Romanian, both of which sound pretty good accent wise, although from the continued barking, it's pretty clear it's not working.

So it's a few minutes before he finds the communicator and thinks to pick it up. He fumbles with it a little before you get a pretty decent shot of a dark haired kid, who looks about fourteen and is dressed pretty simply, but a little classically, in a white collared shirt and dark pants.]

Hello? [He taps the screen.] What is this, some kind of radio?

[Aristotle shoves himself next to him, sniffing the communicator, and Dick is carefully pushing him aside before he starts licking it or something gross like that.]

I don't know where I am, but... I have your dog?

[ooc: So Dick has swapped places with a Romanian American kid living in Gotham from around 1940ish who for the sake of my sanity is still being called Richard, because I like being quasi self referential like that. The first super heroes of the DCU have started popping up over the last two years or so and the US has entered WWII like usual.]