Dick Grayson
30 March 2012 @ 03:33 pm

[Hey Barge, it's Tim! Except he's... broadcasting from Dick's journal. In Dick's room. And he's younger than the Tim who's usually on the Barge, looking maybe a little slimmer and shorter than usual, with shorter hair and generally looking less... mature teenager who's been through some shit and more lol I am a shy little nerd.

He's done some network stalking, fully explored Dick's apartment and stashed the Robin costume somewhere safe and changed into normal clothes that look just a little too big for him, and (mostly) satisfied that this isn't some elaborate scheme by some villain has decided to say hi to the Barge at large.]

Hey, I'm Tim. I'm filling in for Dick for now, but I guess we're both here normally anyway? [He knows, he's checked and man it's weird to see and hear yourself in threeish years on old video feed.]

How does that work, exactly? Running into yourself never seems to work out whenever it happens in fiction.

Anyway. Does anyone have any information about the ship? I'd love to get a look at some of the schematics. This is way different from anything we have back home. [Especially since he's just a boring teenager from New Jersey right guys. :V]

[Private to Rorschach]

Hey. I guess you probably know by now, but Dick's not around, so, if you need anything, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

[ooc: Replies will be coming from [personal profile] ikeptstaringatyou. Tim is about fifteen and is from before his life became TERRIBLE so say hello to slightly happier less crushed by the world Robin Tim.]