Dick Grayson
17 May 2012 @ 05:28 pm
I think I'm going to be hopping on the bandwagon of "let's never talk about that breach again."

[And there's about a second where he thinks about saying something to new arrivals, but that's kind of not his thing and he's kinda cranky because of the whole dream plot thing. So that's all, Barge.]

[Private Separately to Tim, Dean and Buffy]

We should talk.

[Private to Leslie Knope]

So, the breach kind of got in the way, but if you're up for that self defense brush up, I'm available whenever's good for you.

[Private to Superboy]

Have you talked to Wonder Girl yet?
Dick Grayson
08 May 2012 @ 06:35 pm
[Private to Ariadne]

You're right. I don't know how it's happening, but we're dream sharing. Dean and Buffy figured it out too. Did the Admiral give you a PASIV?

[Spam for Tim]

[As soon as he'd finished talking with Dean, he knew he needed to talk to Tim for about a hundred and eight reasons. Partially because this was a potential security breach, because he still didn't love the idea of people having free access to sensitive information he was privy to. But that was really just a formality, the tip of the ice berg, and had it just been that, he might have just told him when he saw him later today. But he officially didn't want to wait until a reasonable hour to do it, not after what had happened and not after what he'd found out.

He hadn't bothered changing, and headed down the hall in the same t-shirt and flannel pants he'd been sleeping in and knocked on Tim's door, loudly. He didn't care at this point if it seemed insane to get this upset about a nightmare - two nightmares - and wake Tim up this early, because he knew what happened now. It wasn't just a dream, Tim had actively interfered and he just-

He banged on his door again, impatient and (irrationally) worried, and maybe wondering how easy it would be to just pick the lock and let himself in.]