Dick Grayson
15 June 2012 @ 02:46 pm
[Dick switches on the video feed and smiles a little awkwardly at the camera. He's not really one for video blogging or anything, and addressing a boat load of strangers about whatever the hell's happening feels weird. He's wearing a blue Gotham City Police Department uniform, and is sitting in Dick's room on the Barge - one of the penthouse apartments the Bats use as a safehouse.]

For anyone I haven't spoken with yet, my name's Officer Dick Grayson, and I'm with the Gotham City PD. I get that we haven't been kidnapped and we're going to be heading home in a while, but if anyone needs a hand as long as we're here for, I'd be happy to help out. [Basically, Dick is an eager rookie cop who was never adopted by Bruce after his parents were murdered. :c]

How many other people have found stuff that looks like it should belong to them, but... doesn't? Like, this is definitely not my apartment- [Which is said in a way that conveys he'd never be able to afford it and feels like he's dirtying the place up just by sitting on the couch.] And I feel like I would have remembered getting my picture taken with Bruce Wayne. [He holds up a picture of himself and Bruce for people to see what he's talking about before putting it down again and sort of clearing his throat.]

Anyway. I was just curious.