Dick Grayson
22 January 2011 @ 05:44 pm
[Dick is still sorting through all the stuff at his house. He's maybe starting to get a little obsessive about it, and probably would look a little crazy to anyone who wasn't from the Barge, as he's got clues to his fake life sprawled out around him on the floor. Not that you guys can see it, but to any passersby, he looks a little nuts. Or at least like he's getting started on spring cleaning a little early by ripping everything off the shelves.]

Anyone else have some pictures of people from back home around the house? Like, not Barge people? I'm trying to figure out how closely this place parallels our home universes, which obviously isn't all that much, but I'm still curious.

I mean, obviously we're all here, and some of us have pretty developed family units that aren't like our original ones at all, but what about the people we left back home? Do they exist here too, or is this place just populated with strangers and us?

[There's a specific reasoning behind this questioning, but most of you aren't getting any reasons as to why this is suddenly bothering him.]

[Private to Tim]

I found pictures of my parents.

[Private to Steph, added after talking to Roman]

Are you okay?

[ooc: Multiple spam threads are welcome if you're so inclined, Dick's just probably on the couch watching home movies or analyzing all the information he can find in the albums and papers around the house.]
Dick Grayson
20 January 2011 @ 11:33 am
[Dick is wandering around the house, which is a nice, normal looking place. He's particularly focusing on the family photos and any other traces of the people who apparently really live here who happen to look... just like him and some other Barge people. Including apparently Wally. And Tim. Who are both the wrong ages.]

I'm still in the "this could be worse" stage, but not gonna lie, this is pretty freaky. I think I'm a cop. And maybe ten years older.

So, guess we should have a sound off? Who else is totally wigging out a little over this?

... And anyone seen Wally? I think he's [Dear god this is so weird.] my kid.

[Private to Costigan]

You make it off the Barge? You seem to be a popular guest star in some of these pictures. [Meaning it looks like they're both cops. Which is. Fun.]

[ooc: Housemates, neighbors and whoever else are more then welcome to spam. <3]