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128 [video]

[Dick looks a tiny bit in shock when he turns on the video feed and slowly holds up this enthusiastically patterned sweater for everyone to see.]

This is the third hideous sweater I've gotten from the Admiral since I got here. [Two years, Three Christmases. It's depressing. :|

He doesn't have much more to say besides that and reaches over to click off the camera.]

[Private to Tim]

I guess I should take the fact that there haven't been any reports of you or Jan winding up in the infirmary as a good thing?

[Private to Sara]

Are you ready for the next chapter in the "Awkward Ways in Which Sara is Introduced to Dick's Psychotic Family" saga?

[Private to Dean]

Any luck with Buffy?
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[She glances down at it.]

Yeah, I'd accept that interpretation. At least it fits.
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Bored out of my mind. Coming up on my two-month 'still no Inmate' anniversary. [She smiles at the kiss, closing the door behind her when she comes inside.] I'm okay.
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There's an idea, I don't think we've ever actually talked. Don't suppose you could make him shower first?

[She toes off her shoes near the door and settles into the couch, tucking her legs under her.]
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I thought it might be him. Seems like the Admiral has a thing for your world. [Thanks for keeping an open channel so she could get a name, Steph. But she doesn't know much about Jason other than him being the Robin who was dead and then wasn't, and in lieu of anything much more to say she can just look attentive.]
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Re: Spam

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Or too much of, in some cases. I mean - correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesn't seem likely that you guys are going to get along all that well. What happened to him?

[This being a fairly general kind of 'what'. Not that resurrection from the dead is likely to do anyone's personality any favors, right?]
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Re: Spam

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No kidding. [She frowns.] 'Unstable'. You think the Barge can help him?

[Because from what she's seen, the Barge has a tendency to be pretty unkind to those who already have a screw loose.]