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128 [video]

[Dick looks a tiny bit in shock when he turns on the video feed and slowly holds up this enthusiastically patterned sweater for everyone to see.]

This is the third hideous sweater I've gotten from the Admiral since I got here. [Two years, Three Christmases. It's depressing. :|

He doesn't have much more to say besides that and reaches over to click off the camera.]

[Private to Tim]

I guess I should take the fact that there haven't been any reports of you or Jan winding up in the infirmary as a good thing?

[Private to Sara]

Are you ready for the next chapter in the "Awkward Ways in Which Sara is Introduced to Dick's Psychotic Family" saga?

[Private to Dean]

Any luck with Buffy?
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[She debates for a long time.

She's been stewing alone for quite a while, and it would be a lot easier to just keep doing that. Thing is, though - she kept hearing him die, in that Port. She knows people come back here, but there are never guarantees. Say she loses him, while they're like this?

And then there was the heart-wrenching thrill of seeing Jason again. Different, but still family.

Her voice is a little soft. A little hesitant. Not typical for her at all, but - maybe that's okay.]

I bet you can work it.
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[Barbara makes a show of examining it.]

Well, it doesn't have any feathers.
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Nygma got you a sweater. [There's laughter in her eyes, now, chasing away the weariness.]

Was there a puzzle on it?
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[...Give her a second Dick she needs to envision this.

And now she's snickering.]

I'm not sure even you could pull that one off.