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128 [video]

[Dick looks a tiny bit in shock when he turns on the video feed and slowly holds up this enthusiastically patterned sweater for everyone to see.]

This is the third hideous sweater I've gotten from the Admiral since I got here. [Two years, Three Christmases. It's depressing. :|

He doesn't have much more to say besides that and reaches over to click off the camera.]

[Private to Tim]

I guess I should take the fact that there haven't been any reports of you or Jan winding up in the infirmary as a good thing?

[Private to Sara]

Are you ready for the next chapter in the "Awkward Ways in Which Sara is Introduced to Dick's Psychotic Family" saga?

[Private to Dean]

Any luck with Buffy?
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Really? He got the drop on you? Kon stopped me from tearing that place down with a fire poker, or trying to anyway. I thought we were s'posed to be watching them?

[Dean is doing his damnedest to shove it all down where it goes. He may have driven Buffy away by being a childish ass before when things didn't go his way; he's not going to miss a second chance to be more considerate of her (possible) choices if that's what this is.

That's the intention, anyway. It gets easier when Dick throws out the Jason distraction.

Your universe or?
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[Geez fine, twist his arm why don't you.

Yes, let's talk about your crazyass family instead. That's always a safer topic, right?

Dean has never been so glad to have a small, closeknit family.

That good or bad? I mean, I didn't pay much attention, I was... ...I didn't pay much attention.
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[Dean shrugs, even though he's forgotten it's video and it won't be visible; it's still semi-audible in his voice, even so. It's not fine, but it's the best he can do, so he'll have to deal with it.]

Well, that's one of the requirements to get in, isn't it? Must Be Fun To Have Around Only Not Ever?
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[A mock-offended scoff.]

Me? I'm the very soul of caution. And I always think before I speak. And stay out of trouble.
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Flattery will get you everywhere.

[And then something that isn't quite a sigh, but close to it before Dean is back, faking cheerful again.]

Look, holler if you find anything. I need to run and see what the problem is in the showers before we have a flooded hallway or something.