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Dick Grayson ([personal profile] batmanschmatman) wrote2012-12-01 05:31 pm

128 [video]

[Dick looks a tiny bit in shock when he turns on the video feed and slowly holds up this enthusiastically patterned sweater for everyone to see.]

This is the third hideous sweater I've gotten from the Admiral since I got here. [Two years, Three Christmases. It's depressing. :|

He doesn't have much more to say besides that and reaches over to click off the camera.]

[Private to Tim]

I guess I should take the fact that there haven't been any reports of you or Jan winding up in the infirmary as a good thing?

[Private to Sara]

Are you ready for the next chapter in the "Awkward Ways in Which Sara is Introduced to Dick's Psychotic Family" saga?

[Private to Dean]

Any luck with Buffy?
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[ Private : Audio ]

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Flattery will get you everywhere.

[And then something that isn't quite a sigh, but close to it before Dean is back, faking cheerful again.]

Look, holler if you find anything. I need to run and see what the problem is in the showers before we have a flooded hallway or something.