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Dick Grayson ([personal profile] batmanschmatman) wrote2010-11-19 02:00 pm

Inventory @ [ profile] lastvoyages

Move along, move along just to make it through, move along.

one (1) Batman uniform (from the Gotham port)
one (1) Nightwing uniform
one (1) Discowing uniform (courtesy of Tim)
one (1) of Tim's old Robin uniforms (given back to Tim)
one (1) Red Sox hat (courtesy of Costigan)
one (1) hat (courtesy of the Seventh Doctor)
one (1) pair of warm house slippers (courtesy of Lia)
one (1) pair of plush slippers (courtesy of Arkady)
one (1) handmade sweater (courtesy of Babs)
one (1) robin's egg blue silk bathrobe (courtesy of the Marquis de Sade)
two (2) pairs of socks (courtesy of Rorschach)
one (1) cape (courtesy of Arthas)
one (1) Santa hat (courtesy of Arthas)
one (1) set of men's clothes (from Ravin)
one (1) jumpsuit (from the Fallout port)
one (1) winter coat (from the Overlook Hotel port)
three (3) ugly Christmas sweaters (courtesy of the Admiral)
one (1) truly hideous sweater (courtesy of Nygma)

one (1) set of escrima sticks made from an unbreakable polymer
one (1) set of black escrima sticks (courtesy of Cass)
one (1) set of wooden practice escrima sticks (courtesy of Steph)
one (1) fully stocked Batman utility belt
two (2) fully stocked Nightwing gauntlets
one (1) phaser (courtesy of Jim)
one (1) katana (courtesy of Buffy)
one (1) dress sword (courtesy of Arthas)
one (1) emergency kit with medical supplies, rations, water and space for personal items (courtesy of Martha and Snape)
one (1) Danger Room simulator (courtesy of David)
one (1) watch with a tracking device + receiver (courtesy of Dean)
one (1) Nightwing themed motorcycle (courtesy of Dean)

one (1) white cat, named Jinks (formerly Claudia's, passed on by Tim)
one (1) brown tribble (courtesy of Iris)

one (1) stuffed elephant, Zitka 2.0 (courtesy of Tim)
two (2) sets of paintball equipment (courtesy of Tim)
one (1) photo album of the reconstructive works of Bludhaven (courtesy of Bruce)
one (1) jar of dirt with mixed samples from the docks, Aparo and Robinson park, and outside Wayne Tower (courtesy of Tim)
one (1) handmade plushie Nightwing (courtesy of Steph)
one (1) Bruce as Batman action figure (from the Christmas kid flood)
one (1) Dick as Batman action figure (from the Christmas kid flood)
one (1) Dick as Robin action figure (from the Christmas kid flood)
one (1) Dick as Nightwing action figure (from the Christmas kid flood)
one (1) Tim as Robin action figure (from the Christmas kid flood)
one (1) Tim as Red Robin action figure (from the Christmas kid flood)
one (1) set of CDs (courtesy of Shego)
one (1) copy of Under the Hood by Hollis Mason (courtesy of Rorschach)
one (1) set of posters from Dick's old room at the manor (courtesy of Bruce)
one (1) handpainted picture (from Cass)
one (1) set of his and hers towels (courtesy of Dean)
one (1) copy of Monty Python and the Holy Grail (courtesy of Kon)
one (1) post card of the Boston State House (courtesy of Costigan)
one (1) 1918 World Series program (courtesy of Donny)
one (1) small porcelain jay (courtesy of Mal)
one (1) copy of Nightwing #25 (courtesy of Hayley)
one (1) sketch of himself building a snowman (from Ariadne)
one (1) pack of Joker playing cards (courtesy of Nygma)
one (1) copy of La Bête Humaine by Emile Zola (courtesy of Willow)
one (1) scented white candle (courtesy of Lia)
one (1) tablet with an interactive map of the universe (courtesy of Wanda)
one (1) 2013 calendar (courtesy of Faith)
one (1) bottle of wine (courtesy of the Marquis de Sade)
one (1) bottle of the Tenebrous (courtesy of Reaver)

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