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111 [voice]

[Dick's voice is still his own, but gravelly. It's more of a glass in throat variety than the Batvoice, really, and in case it wasn't painfully obvious by the creepy stalking he's been doing and breaking into other people's rooms, he's entirely flood affected and has swapped personalities with Rorschach.]

Worked a case, once. Woman stood on ledge of building, holding her baby. Said she didn't want to live in this wicked, wicked world. Didn't want her child growing up in it. Assumed she was going to jump. Tried reassuring her, telling her to come inside, talk this over. Think about it.

Misjudged scenario.

Threw child when other officer grabbed her. Never meant to jump. Wanted to "save" her baby from this wicked, wicked world.

Caught baby, but still didn't feel good about that night. Felt alone in a crowded city. No one to rely on, no cops, no partners. And death was always close in Bl├╝dhaven. [And, story time over, he clicks off the feed.]
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Should I even ask if you're all right?
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And nothing prompted this?


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[It's dubious suggestions o'clock.]

Take up alcoholism for the following forty eight, to seventy two hours. We'll all be better off for it.
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[Barbara's voice, on the other hand, is the most relaxed it's been since she's arrived.]

Nights like that always stay with you. You saved the child, but it's still the kind of world where you had to.
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Not if we don't let it.
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I prefer to think of it as determined.
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I already have. My city isn't as good as it could be, but it's better than it was. And I'll keep fighting until it is.

You seemed like you would, too.
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Why bother, if you don't think it will amount to anything?
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[LOLing. When did you get hilarious, Grayson?]