Dick Grayson
18 January 2013 @ 03:28 pm
[The feed clicks on to reveal an unfamiliar person - a dark haired man in a suit who smiles at the camera in a friendly way.]

Good afternoon. I'm Special Agent Richard Grayson, [And he's holding up his badge as proof that this isn't some scam.] and my partner - Special Agent Pezzini - and I are looking for someone. He's got brown hair, stands about six foot even high, weighs about two hundred or so pounds and goes by the name Mark Cross.

If anyone's got any information about him, or anything else suspicious going on around here, [Murders, communists, pyramid schemes, aliens.] we'd greatly appreciate any and all cooperation from anyone with more something to say. Thanks for your time.

[ooc: Dick and Sara are basically 60's Mulder and Scully (although for lolz Dick is going to be more like Simpsons Mulder) and will be stumbling upon the true nature of Bargewell, thus prompting Dick to very maturely be like I TOLD YOU SO. Replies will be coming in from [personal profile] anightowl.]