Dick Grayson
01 December 2012 @ 05:31 pm
[Dick looks a tiny bit in shock when he turns on the video feed and slowly holds up this enthusiastically patterned sweater for everyone to see.]

This is the third hideous sweater I've gotten from the Admiral since I got here. [Two years, Three Christmases. It's depressing. :|

He doesn't have much more to say besides that and reaches over to click off the camera.]

[Private to Tim]

I guess I should take the fact that there haven't been any reports of you or Jan winding up in the infirmary as a good thing?

[Private to Sara]

Are you ready for the next chapter in the "Awkward Ways in Which Sara is Introduced to Dick's Psychotic Family" saga?

[Private to Dean]

Any luck with Buffy?
Dick Grayson
12 June 2011 @ 10:34 pm
I don't know what that was - some alternate universe, some TV show gone horribly wrong, I don't know and I don't really care [Which is a big lie, he does care, especially if it's some actual counterpart out there in the multiverse who's growing up with a Batman like that.] - but it wasn't like that. I wasn't kidnapped by anyone, let alone Batman, and my parents weren't shot, they... they fell. I was eight when it happened, not twelve.

Bruce didn't abuse me, he didn't make me eat rats, he gave me a stable environment and that kid didn't have that. That kid thought he was a warden here. He had memories of being here for six months, and he was happy here and didn't want to go home. And he knew I existed, because of the other people from my universe being here, and he kind of... resented me, because I had what he didn't and I was from the "right" universe. It's like... being expected to be just like your dad or older brother when you grow up, only worse because it's a version of you.

And yeah, it was just a flood so maybe it didn't mean anything, but now I'm back and that kid...

Dammit. [And he kills the feed. This is turning out to be way too much to process right now.]

[Private to Jason]

Thanks. For looking out for me. Him.
Dick Grayson
22 May 2011 @ 08:29 pm
I think everything that needs to get said about the breach has been pretty well covered, and while I'm not really complaining about getting to say I've officially sort of lived through that part of history? I'm definitely not complaining about this not being a once a month thing.

[Not. Addressing. Gun issues. >>;]

[Friends Filter - if you think you're on it, you're on it.]

How's everyone doing?

[Private to Kon and Molly]

So, do breach marriages count? [Amuuuused.]

[Private to Miss Parker]

I know it wasn't... exactly us, but I'm sorry we didn't get him before he attacked you. Honestly.

If there's anything I can do... let me know?

[Private to Jason]

[After like 9000 revisions being like OH GOD WHAT wait no should I even say anything, you're getting this:]

Jason, I know that wasn't technically us, but I'm... really sorry about what happened. Seriously, you know I'd never -

Are you doing okay?

[Private to Jim; after his conversation with Hoffman]

How do you feel about getting drunk?
Dick Grayson
06 April 2011 @ 10:13 pm
There's nothing more frustrating then having some nagging idea - or a problem or whatever - that you just can't figure out the solution to. And I'm not saying this as a cry for help about the stuff I'm stuck on or anything, or making some comment about life on the good ship Barge right now, and it could easily just be that I haven't gotten more then like, three hours sleep a night in a good week at this point, but there are things I just kind of can't seem to let go of, and I'm starting to feel a little worn out.

So basically, if anyone's got any fun new suggestions for dealing with insomnia while stuck in a pretty contained environment, I'd be happy to hear them.

[Private to Jason]

[He was... very seriously considering not saying anything, but. This is called making an effort. :|]

So I took some Benadryl.

[Private to Howie]

I never really apologized for losing my temper with you the other day, so, I'm sorry I lost my temper over something kind of ridiculous.

[Private to Arthur]

I know this is a potentially extremely stupid question, but do you need anything while you're on babysitting duty?

[Private to Tim]

You're waiting for a train. You don't know where it will take you, but it doesn't matter. Why?

[Private to Costigan]

How's Rex doing?
Dick Grayson
19 March 2011 @ 12:56 pm
[Filtered away from known Cobra Agents]

The infirmary's been compromised. If you're in need of medical assistance, contact me or Tim Drake or try to get down to Deck One, we'll get you treatment.

If you've got questions, ask.

[Meaning, start a dialogue so he can figure out if you've been nanomited too. :|]

Notes for Costigan, Steph, Wally, Donny, Chuck, Arthur, Cooper, Hayley and Jason; Spam for Tim )

Notes from Tim to Sylar and Shego )

[ooc: Basically, Dick and Tim have set up a anti Cobra Agent base/makeshift infirmary in Dick's room - which is one of the Wayne penthouses and therefore is pretty spacious - with limited medical supplies and a couple people booked for giving a hand. Feel free to spam hanging out in the room or your character coming down being like HALP MY ARM IS FALLING OFF D: and Tim might be adding some notes to people once Ari gets back from work.

The two Robins are heading off to raid the infirmary and kick some ass at some point, thus wanting some ppls to hold down the fort while they're gone.]
Dick Grayson
11 March 2011 @ 11:30 pm
[Filtered to Infirmary Staff]

So, Wally's been asleep for the last four...ish days. This isn't totally out of the question for him? But I'm starting to get a little concerned this is one of those comas everyone loves complaining about versus him just running out of steam for a few days. I've been monitoring his vitals and stuff, so, I don't think it's anything serious, but if someone could come in and check on him anyway, that would be great.

[Private to Tim]

I'm guessing you noticed our latest arrival.

[Private to Costigan]

So you know how I sort of ran off last night without a ton of explanation?