Dick Grayson
29 July 2012 @ 04:11 pm

[Dick is walking through a crowded hallway when he makes his post, because the thought just occurred to him as he was leaving transfiguration class and hey, why not poll people instead of dragging out the yearly calendar when he gets back to his room.]

Hey, does anyone know when Parent's weekend this year is? I feel like that should be coming up soon, but I totally don't remember. [And knowing about it sooner rather than later will mean making sure his dad can actually show up, because being an attorney is apparently a huge time sink, who knew.]

Does anyone want to play some Quidditch after classes are done? I've got an extra quaffle around, and no team's using the field for practice, so. Could be fun.

[Private to Tim]

It's been an hour, do you need a rescue?

[Open Spam for the Quidditch Field]

[After school, Dick has decided to head down to the Quidditch field for some practice, which mostly means doing a lot of show offy tricks in the air because lol no one to pass the quaffle around with yet, and tossing it through the goal posts and diving to catch it at dangerously high speeds gets old after a while. So, come down for a game/some trash talk/mocking him for being a show off/saying hi, what have you.]

[ooc: Dick is a sixteen year old senior in Monkey, who plays Quidditch and is generally a very talented student. He tries to look out for the younger kids and the weird kids like Kovacs and doesn't take shit from bullies, which has earned him a goody two shoes reputation that he doesn't really bother trying to deny. I'll be replying with [personal profile] theboywonder.]