Dick Grayson
24 February 2011 @ 08:05 pm
[So, even despite the fact that this can really only go quasi badly, Dick still sounds pretty happy for someone who's about to leave what looks like a fallout shelter to go running off into the great unknown apparently armed with just a gun. Which, obviously, he's not too stoked about. Bats don't use guns. He's not even complaining about the jumpsuit since let's face it, this is high fashion compared to some of the stuff he's worn over the years.]

So, I'm guessing two days isn't a ton of time to get to wherever it is we're supposed to be going. Anyone else ready to head out?

... And am I the only one who thinks Megaton sounds more like a Transformers knock off then a city?

[ooc: Spam welcome, I think the game plan right now involves Tim and Molly, but I'm sure we can all be flexible. <3]