Dick Grayson
08 March 2012 @ 11:34 am

[Dick is broadcasting from his room like nothing's unusual, because as far as he's she's concerned, this is just another totally normal day on the Barge. Seriously, business as usual.]

So, does anyone know what this flood is actually doing? Besides making people apparently just. Whining more on the network than usual? Because no offense, but you all look the same to me. And I'm sure whatever's convincing you that something's different'll go away in a few days.

That said, again, if anyone has a more conclusive idea of what's going on other than clothes not fitting correctly, I'd be happy to hear about it.

Tammy, Jamie, whoever - you guys want to play paintball? I know we don't use the "B" word around here unless we want lava raining from the sky and monkeys trying to tear our faces off, but I won't lie, the whole being stuck in my room, wiped out with bronchitis antsy-ness hasn't really worn off.

[ooc: Dick is - obviously - affected and as far as she's concerned has always been Rachel Grayson, and all of you affected people are your correct genders to her, i.e. Tim has always been Tam Drake, Steph is Stephen and so on and so forth. She is also pretty much exactly the same as Dick, as he's already in touch with his feelings and affectionate with people he cares about and stuff. I will be answering replies with [personal profile] alwaysanacrobat because omnomnomnom icons.]